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Karlene Minott

Chief Financial Officer

Karlene Claudia Minott is a Jamaican Entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Minott's & Associates. Which offers services of accounting to some of Jamaica's largest retail businesses. Ms. Minott is also the Chief Financial Officer of Bright Diamond Alliance Ltd in Kisumu Kenya. As CFO she reports directly to the CEO- Dwayne Williams. And is said to have a management style that gets results as she communicates with staff on all levels. As well as spending considerable time in her craft hereby getting firsthand experience useful for the business. Ms. Minott’s vision for BDA includes a four-part strategic theme. The first is sustainable growth. Secondly to become more customer-centric. Thirdly, to increase BDA operational efficiency. And fourth is to create and drive performance hereby we can identify growth through profit margins.


Karlene Minott
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