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Benefits of Vitamin D in Cancer


Vitamin S is one of the essential fat soluble vitamins which is responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of Calcium ,magnesium,and phosphate .

Food sources of Vitamin D

  • Salmons 

  • Sardines

  • Beef liver

  • Eggs

  • Mushrooms

  • Fortified milk 

  • Cereals

  • Code liver oil

  • Oranges

Importance of Vitamin D on cancer patients

  • It helps regulate the. amount of Calcium and phosphorus in the body. .

  • It support colon.

  • Promote dental health.

  • Reduce the cancer cells especially ,coloteral  cancer, bladder cancer.

  • Improve immune health.

  • Improves osteoporosis.

  • Reduce inflammation and modification during Radiation and chemotherapy 

Nutrition supplements  rich in Vitamin D also plays a vital role  in improving the health and Nutrition status of Individual.



Is also one of the greatest liquid supplements that is highly rich in Vitamin D 

It can easily be absorbed

Easily digested 

Has a great taste 

It composes of 

4 cups of spinach           

31 Bananas

11 Oranges

6 Cups of mushrooms

4.5 cups of peanut

25 Salmon fillets

Mushrooms,oranges ,salmon fillets are one of the greatest sources of Vitamin D 

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